About AWD

Based in California, Avalon West Design is a design studio with a specialization in crafting luxurious interiors. Our artistic vision is reflected in the creation of personalized spaces that exude warmth, playfulness, and a touch of drama.

Our signature style is marked by a vibrant interplay of colors and an innovative approach to spatial design. Our distinctive aesthetic, which we like to call "nostalgic modernism," continues to attract clients who appreciate our unique sensibilities. While our designs are infused with creativity, they remain firmly grounded in functionality and timeless design principles, ensuring that each space ages gracefully.

A defining characteristic of our work is the integration of cherished family heirlooms and antiques, coupled with our affinity for artistic or historically significant architecture. We embrace the idea that truly exceptional spaces possess a sense of depth, a collected feel, and are reflective of a rich and fulfilling life.

Our design expertise extends across geographic boundaries, with projects in locations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and beyond. We are enthusiastic about designing a diverse range of spaces, including private homes, offices and any locale where one might unwind with a beverage.

At Avalon West Design, each space we curate is given its own distinct voice, achieved through tailored design, imaginative concepts, and a selection of curated products. Whether you seek to express a personal or corporate brand identity, we are excited to serve as the channel for your vision.

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